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Fred Rogers Acceptance Speech - 1997

Our neighbor didn’t die, he was just needed someplace else.

He took a moment that was about recognizing him and turned it into a moment to recognize everyone who was there and everyone who made it possible for him to do what he does. If you want a perfect example of why he is so fondly remembered and such a great person, it’s tough to find a better one than this.

Mister Rogers is like, the one person where the more I find out about him, the more I love about him. It’s such sweet relief, rather than being disappointed in a celebrity when you find out more about their personal life, to go “my God, what a thoroughly good human.”

Always reblog Mister Rogers

One of the true wizards and healers.

I’m not crying i just accidentally poured salty water into my eye cavities

I didn’t pour salty water into my eye cavities I am actively crying.

Mister Rogers was my childhood hero, and this is why.

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Handmade Swords - Master Sword from Zelda

  • Maker & Copyright: Brendan Olszowy
  • Measurements: Overall Length: 1052mm (41.41”). Blade length: 811mm (31.93”). Grip Length: - grippable area 207mm ( 8.15”). Blade Width: Waist 35mm > Flare 52mm > End of Fuller 31mm. Point of Balance: 83mm (3.26”) from blade shoulder. Centre of Percussion: 515mm (20.2”) from shoulder. Hilt node of percussion: is 52mm (2.05”) back from top of the diamond. A fraction forward of the centre of the fore grip. Weight: 1490g 3lb 4.5oz 
  • Medium: Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel. Grip/Scabbard: Poplar core with Veg Tanned Leather wrap/ straps. Hilt Furniture: Bronze by Jeffrey J Robinson
  • Inscriptions: “Sword of the hero of legend” and “Edge that is the bane of evil”

Source: Copyright © 2014 Fable Blades


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I don’t think you understand how in love with Duane Bryers “Hilda” I am. Like, to the point I want a tattoo, but there are too many amazing drawings. If you’re not obsessed with her, get obsessed. Thanks.

I want to be best friends with her.

Hilda is the greatest ever.

Personal hero. I have a friend who strongly resembles Hilda and she is just as magical and divine as these paintings.

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How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics

Man, what an excellent read…

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